Saturday, August 23, 2014

November 2, 1996 - A Poem to My Nephew

My father had two sons, a half-dozen siblings, many in-laws and many many nieces and nephews and finally two grandchildren.

Both boys, Drew and Chris and both my older brother's.

When birthdays came around, at least when the boys were little, Dad would plink out some rhymes to commemorate the event - as he did for me and my cousins when we were that  little.

Like this one:


NOVEMBER 2, 1996

A miracle happened to us this year
It brought us love & light & cheer
A child was born to us that day
To Steal our hears & show the way
Who is this tiny ball of glee
With wrinkled nose & dimpled knee
His name is Drew

This little boy who came with love & hope & joy
I can't believe what you have done
You've joined our Clans
Now we are all one

You came from no where overnight
A part of all, a beautiful sight
You brought with you a brand new way
A whole new path, a happier day

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, your first one DREW
With all my love
From me to you


[Formatting, Punctuation and Capitalization in original]

Drew, by the way, was born November 26, 1995.  SO either the title's a typo (and he left out the "6") or Dad wrote this a few weeks short of Drew's first birthday.  Could go either way, I guess.  His poem for Drew's second birthday has the correct date on it.

The original poem I have was obviously produced on a word processor and printer.  I recall Dad had a heavy Smith Corona that looked like this:

So I am left wondering: how did he print it out?

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