Saturday, August 2, 2014

March 27, 1959 - A Poem To My Mother

This is a short one, written to my mom while they were still dating.
A voice of the sweetest of rhymes
An image of Beauty & Grace
A laughter the music of chimes
A portrait of your smiling face
These things I see tho I'm alone
With the aid of my telephone.
The post script on the poem includes a time: 11:25 P.M.  And according to this page, March 27, 1959 was a Friday.  So, presumably, dad wrote this late one Friday night possibly after a late night phone call with my mom.

I think I may know the circumstance of this poem.  Mom told me that when they were courting Dad would see mom home at the end of their date and then get on a subway to go back to his apartment.  She said it was a rather long commute. Once he was home, he'd call her to let her know he got home safely.

Perhaps this was one of those nights.

Dad was very traditional when it came to such matters.  Mom told me that even after they got engaged (and, of course, dad dutifully asked her father for his OK before he proposed) whenever they were at his apartment before getting married he made sure the front door was always open.

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