Saturday, August 1, 2015

March 13, 1962 - A Poem To My Mother

It's been a while since I've poemblogged.  I'm back and looking forward to doing this a little more often.

Let me re-begin with another of Dad's poems to Mom.

                                                             Mar. 13, 1962

Mind's Eye-Opened

Where are the words to describe this being
Scrutinized with eyes for seeing.
An image of truth-ever appealing
When views with eyes for warmth & feeling
Radiently golden - a work of art
Is this woman, my wife, my heart


Discussion: To be honest, there's not much to discuss here, biographically.  March 13, 1962 was a Tuesday and about two weeks after my brother's first birthday.  Perhaps this is the reason for the poem - the birthday not the Tuesday. My dad was, on top of lotsa other good things, a very sympathetic guy.  Perhaps (and this is just a perhaps) mom was feeling down for some reason in the late winter of '62.  Perhaps he thought she needed a poetic hug of some sort and out popped this AAAABB sestet to lavish her with praise.  He obviously loved her very much.

In an undated but pre-Albie's birth poem, Dad showed his excitement at the arrival of my brother:


The feeling of knowing
I've been where I could've been
Yet I find my being is glowing
With the thought that life's now to begin

Alone I found joy in simple things
But now there's you and there's me
The fact alone joyfully sings
For we two shall son be three
Not sure why he called her a hag.  Anyway, here's Mom and Dad dancing Greek.

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